Departmental Colloquium Series

All talks will take place in SCIE 1504, from 11:30 - 12:30 on every 2nd Thursday, starting from Fall 2019. See file attachments below for abstracts.


Winter 2020
Date Speaker (Affiliation) Title
Jan 9 --- ---
Jan 23 Tangi Migot (Guelph) On numerical approaches to solve the generalized Nash equilibrium problem and their implementations in Julia
Feb 6 Lia Humphrey (Guelph) Optimal shingles vaccine distribution under a multiyear vaccination program
Feb 20 TBA TBA
Mar 5 --- ---
Mar 19 Rajesh Pereira (Guelph)
Apr 2 William Langford (Guelph) Topological Climate Change <CANCELLED>!


Past Colloquium Schedules


Fall 2019
Date Speaker (Affiliation) Title
Sept 19 Marcus R Garvie (Guelph) A new mathematical model for tiling with polyominoes
Oct 3

Vitali Vougalter (Toronto)

On the solvability of some systems of integro-differential equations with anomalous diffusion in two dimensions
Oct 17 Alan Willms (Guelph) An Energy Balance Model of Paleoclimates
Oct 31 Dan Ashlock (Guelph) Representations for Evolutionary Computation Derived from Group Theory
Nov 14 Monica Cojocaru (Guelph) Generalized Nash games and replicator dynamics
Nov 28 Steve Gismondi (Guelph) An empirical comparison between formulations of a P, NP-complete and graph isomorphism problem
Dec 12 Daniel Gillis (Guelph) Integrating Experiential and Community-Engaged Learning within the Mathematics & Statistics Undergraduate Curriculum using the ICON Transdisciplinary Classroom