Academic Advising

You have access to both Program Counsellors and Faculty Advisors to help you answer of your questions.

Program Counsellors

Program Counsellors are available to support you throughout your academic career at the University of Guelph. Their role is to provide you with advice regarding your degree program including:

  • Academic policies and procedures
  • Changing majors
  • Academic consideration
  • Academic standing
  • Courses required to meet graduation requirements
  • Admission and transfer information
  • Referrals to appropriate supports on campus
  • A liaison to faculty, staff, chairs etc regarding academic concerns and requests

Faculty Advisors

Each major has an assigned faculty advisor who is an active faculty member with current research interests related to the major. The faculty member often teaches within the discipline and can speak in depth to the following:

  • Transcript evaluations for graduation (Grad Checks)
  • Specific course information and requirements for majors and minors
  • Information about Specializations and Areas of Emphasis
  • Course substitutions
  • Career opportunities
  • Graduate opportunities

Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematical Science

Lorna Deeth
MacNaughton 548