Master of Data Science


Thank you for your interest in the University of Guelph's Master of Data Science Program! 


Please read all the information below and through the web links provided. There is a lot of information here and will answer most if not all of your questions, so take your time going through it all.   


The OUAC application portal is now CLOSED for our program. Application deadline for F24 entry was March 1st, 2024. Document deadline for F24 entry is March 15th, 2024. There will be NO extension to the application or document deadlines. Next entry semester will be F25; application portal will open September 1st, 2024

Currently, we do not offer Winter entry; Fall entry only. 


It is up to the applicant to review the admission criteria and determine their eligibility for the program before applying. 


Unfortunately, due to the volume of inquiries and applications, we do not assess individual eligibility until an application is received.  The Admissions Committee will then consider the applicant's application package in its entirety.  Further, meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee entrance to the program as the final decision to send out an offer also depends on the pool of applicants for that entry point. 


Admission Requirements   

As this is a coursework-based program an advisor is not required; however, this also means there are no internal funding opportunities.   


Honour's Bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution with a minimum overall average of 75% (B) in the last two years or four semesters of full-time study with:    


1) a major or minor in data science, computer science, mathematics, statistics, or a related field;    




2) working knowledge of statistics and computer programming, as demonstrated through completion of university or college level degree credit courses equivalent to the following U of G courses:   

STAT*3240 Applied Regression; and   

CIS*2500 Intermediate Programming.    


Prospective students with an Honour's Bachelor's degree in an unrelated field who do not meet the above requirements may qualify for entry to the program after completing the Diploma in Applied Statistics (or equivalent) with a minimum overall average of at least 75% (B). Please note, completing this diploma does not automatically guarantee a placement in the Data Science program. However, it is an opportunity for you to increase your knowledge in this area. 


Please follow the steps on the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, Applying to Guelph website. Here is some information about applying:   

  1. Have all your documents ready: you will need your resume/CV, transcript(s) with grading scale/scheme of all previous degree(s), one-page statement of interest, and the email addresses of at least two referees. Two references are required; at least one of them should be academic.
  2. Apply on OUAC . Fall 2024 entry is now closed.  Next entry (F25) will open September 1st, 2024.
  3. Within 5 business days of completing your application to OUAC, you will receive an email with your login information and instructions on how to upload your documents to our student information system called WebAdvisor. If it has been 5 business days and you have not received your login information, please check your Junk and Spam folders. Otherwise, please contact
Do I need to provide an English Language Proficiency Score if I completed prior post-secondary studies in which English was the language of instruction?
If your first language is not English but you have completed prior post-secondary studies in which English was the language of instruction, then you may request to have your English Language Proficiency requirement removed. You will need to write a brief statement about the University from where you obtained/will be obtaining your degree, then upload this statement in the English score test section of your application.
Please do not email us requesting an update for the status of your application. You are able to view the current status of your application via your WebAdvisor. Once a decision has been made on your application by our Admissions Committee, you will be notified. ALL final decisions will be made by the end of March. We thank you for your patience with our review process.



Approximate Costs: This is a self-funded program. Current domestic tuition of ~$25,000 annually; and international tuition of ~$42,000 annually. Tuition is paid on a semesterly basis (annual cost divided by 3 = 1 semester tuition). For more information, please visit the Student Financial Services webpages for Tuition and Fees as well as Guelph Graduate Fees.      


For international applicants -  

Academic Credentials: pleaseuse this guideto compare your academic credentials and determine the grade equivalency needed.     

Tuition/living guidelines - Tuition and fees as well as information about on-campus and off-campus housing.  

English Language Proficiency Requirements - These are the only English proficiency tests accepted by the university.

GMAT/GRE: Not required for this program.  


Please review the above information carefully to determine your eligibility. If you decide that the University of Guelph is the right choice for you, please apply using our online application system. For more information, please visit the Applying to Guelph Page on our website. Please note we cannot waive the application fee.  


Part-time study is possible; however, courses are only offered during the workday and are delivered as in-person format. Part-time studies will extend your program past 3 semesters, up to 6 semesters of study. The full-time program is designed to be 3 semesters in length. The standard course offering schedule will be as follows:   


 Fall Semester:   

-DATA 6100   

-DATA 6200   



Winter Semester:   

-DATA 6300   

-DATA 6400   



Summer Semester:   

-DATA 6500   

-DATA 6600


Please note there is no co-op or internship option for this program. There is an option for a project course but does not come with guaranteed funding.


You can find more information about the University of Guelph’s Master of Data Science at the following link:   


We are a Vector Institute-recognized coursework-based master's program. Developed in response to a growing and anticipated need for top-tier data scientists in Canada. You can expect to gain a diverse and comprehensive understanding of data mining; data warehousing and database management; extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL); machine learning; artificial intelligence; statistical modelling; scripting; and data visualization. You will build your skills through practical experience via written assignments, oral presentations, case studies, applied course projects and group work. You will also have the opportunity to develop a portfolio of your work from the program, a valuable showcase in demand by tech employers.   

As well, there will be ample networking opportunities available to you through the program's affiliation with the Vector Institute and connection with U of G's Centre for Advancing Responsible and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (CARE-AI).