Undergraduate Studies

Our Mathematical Science Major is designed to allow you to see how mathematics and statistics are applied to real-world problems in a variety of fields.

By combining your studies in mathematics and statistics with studies in a secondary subject, the Mathematical Science Major allows you to customize your degree to suit your interests and career goals.

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Real World Research

  • Cover image: "can math save the planet? Earth Day 2023"

    Dr. Ayesha Ali, Dr. Khurram Nadeem, and PhD student Aman Bhullar from U of G's Department of Mathematics and Statistics discuss the role of math and statstics when developing climate change solutions.

  • The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences spoke with Dr. Ayesha Ali from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics about her research on graphical models and its applications to agriculture and health.

  • University of Guelph Department of Mathematics and Statistics professor, Dr. Marcus Garvie, and a collaborator at the University of Pittsburgh Dr. John Burkardt have focused on developing the field of linear programming to tackle large and difficult puzzles.

Graduate Studies

Graduate school is a terrific opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills to working on a project that has never before been studied! As a graduate student, you have the opportunity to make a contribution to solving important scientific and societal problems.


Our department offers Masters and Doctoral degrees in a range of research areas in both Mathematics and Statistics.

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Master of Data Science

The University of Guelph launched a Master of Data Science program in response to the growing and anticipated need for top-tier data scientists in Canada. You can expect to gain a diverse and comprehensive understanding of data mining; data warehousing and database management; extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL); machine learning; artificial intelligence (AI); statistical modelling; scripting; and data visualization.

More information on admission requirements and a program outline can be found in the University of Guelph Academic Calendar.

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