Computing Facilities

The Department has full or partial access to the following computing facilities:

  • a mid-range NUMA (SMP) Linux server (SGI Altix UV);
  • a mid-range distributed-memory Linux Server (SGI Altix XE);
  • a number of workstations and servers running Linux and Mac OS X

These computers are used by graduate students and faculty; some are just for research, and others for course work as well.

In addition, the Department has access to the SHARCNET clusters, which consist of high end servers and clusters configured for large scale computations and simulations. All computing equipment is networked through high-speed routers and switches connected to the University's fiber optic backbone.

Typically, graduate students begin their training first on the departmental facilities. If their work requires more computing power, the UNIX based computers may be used for larger scale computations and simulations. For very computationally intensive projects, students may require the computing power of the SHARCNET facilities.

A variety of software packages are provided on departmental computer systems for research and general use. Apart from support for basic computer programming languages such as: C/C++, Fortran, Python, etc., the mathematical and statistical software packages Maple, Matlab, Octave, R, SAS, SPSS and S-Plus are also available for student use; in addition, productivity software such as text-editing packages including LaTeX and the Microsoft Office Suite are provided.

In an effort to keep pace with an ever expanding need for computing power, the faculty of Mathematics and Statistics continually devote their energies to securing equipment funding through various granting agencies. This commitment to providing the best computing facilities for graduate students is ongoing.

Students in a computer lab