Bei Zeng

Professor, Mathematics
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 x53573
MacNaughton 542

My research strives to bring us closer to the goal of reliable transmission and processing of quantum information. From the theoretical point of view, I am seeking to construct a broad theory for building a large class of quantum error-correcting codes, particularly aiming at overcoming the barrier of non-classical errors to link quantum coding theory to topics that have been studied or are now actively being studied in classical coding theory, so that some mature methods and tools used in the classical coding theory can be applied for helping with the understanding of quantum communication and computation. From the practical point of view, my focus is on the design of quantum error-correcting codes with nice properties which in different cases make them suitable for high rate quantum information transmission through practical physical channels, and reliable quantum computation with high noise tolerance and low resource requirement. 

  • Mathematical Physics
  • Theory of Quantum Entanglement
  • Quantum Information Theory
  • Coding Theory
  • Quantum Computation
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
  • Degenerate codes and capacities of quantum channels
    Tyler Jackson, Doctor of Philosophy (in progress).
  • Symmetric extension and reduced density matrices
    Joel Klassen, Doctor of Philosophy (in progress).

B.Sc. (Tsinghua), 2002.

M.Sc. (Tsinghua), 2004.

Ph.D. (MIT), 2009.