Rajesh Pereira

Associate Chair
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 x53552
MacNaughton 519

Jobs that my graduate students now hold include: 

  • Mission Engineer at the European Space Agency
  • Software Engineer
  • Financial Analyst

For information on recent publications, please visit my website above.

  • Matrix Analysis
  • Classical Analysis
  • Analytic Theory of Polynomials
  • Quantum Information
  • Complex Matrix Scalings, Extremal Permanents, and the Geometric Measure of Entanglement
    George Hutchinson, Doctor of Philosophy (2018).
  • Degradable and Antidegradable Qubit Channels
    Connor Paul-Paddock, Master of Science (2016).
  • New Methods for the Perfect-Mirsky Conjecture and Private Quantum Channels
    Jeremy Levick, Doctor of Philosophy (2015).
  • Completely Positive Matrices over Semirings and their CP-rank
    Preeti Mohindru, Doctor of Philosophy (2014).
  • The Structure of the Space of all Game-Playing Strategies
    Jeffrey Tsang, Doctor of Philosophy (2014).
  • A Collection of Results of Simonyi's Conjecture
    Dustin Styner, Master of Science (2012).
  • B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics (McGill University), 1996.
  • M.Sc. in Mathematics (McGill University), 1998.
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics (University of Toronto), 2003.