Gerarda Darlington

Professor Emerita, Statistics
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519-824-4120 x53292
MacNaughton 514


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I am a member of the Biomathematics and Biostatistics Working Group.

My former students have employment in:

  • Kidney, dialysis and transplantation research
  • HIV/AIDS research
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Toxicology consulting
  • Government health research
  • Hospital research groups
  • College teaching

Research themes:

My research focuses on the development of statistical methods for the design and analysis of studies involving time-to-event and clustered outcomes. My statistics research is motivated by participation in collaborative work such as the Guelph Family Health Study. I am also involved in collaborative research projects with faculty in the University of Guelph’s College of Social and Applied Human Health as well as the College of Biological Sciences. Key areas of focus include:

  1. Time-to-event outcomes. An event time refers to the time at which an outcome event takes place, such as time to death. Darlington and her colleagues have explored statistical models to better understand the influence of explanatory variables on outcome events, particularly with a focus on correlated outcomes resulting from clustered data (e.g., family studies).
  2. Research in conjunction with the Guelph Family Health Study. Darlington applies her statistical knowledge toward epidemiologic and genetic epidemiologic studies. She has recently been involved in research related to children’s diet and nutrition, including home-based obesity prevention.

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Child health and behaviour:


  • Statistical methods for correlated observations
  • Methods for epidemiologic studies
  • Design and analysis of cluster randomized trials

Professional Statistician (P.Stat.) designation, obtained October 2013. This is a program of accreditation, offered by the Statistical Society of Canada.


  • Methods for modelling progression-free survival and overall survival (in progress).
  • Survival analysis with internal categorical time-varying covariates (2017).
  • Ties between event times and covariate change times in Cox models (2014).


  • Comparison of interval estimation methods for standardized event ratios (in progress).
  • Joint modelling of progression free survival and overall survival (2017).
  • Interval estimation for standardized event ratios (2017).
  • Regression splines for longitudinal data (2016).
  • Ordinal logistic regression with survey weights (2016).
  • Sensitivity analysis for incremental cost-effectiveness ratio estimation (2015).
  • Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian analysis of correlated data (2014).
  • Models for grouped survival data (2014).
  • Interval estimation for the intra-class correlation coefficient (2014).
  • Comparison of survival analysis models for correlated events (2013).
  • Use of logistic regression versus exact logistic regression (2012).
  • Cluster randomized trials with binary pretest and post-test outcomes (2012).

B.Sc. Statistics (University of Guelph).

M.Sc. Statistics (University of Guelph).

Ph.D. Statistics (University of Waterloo).

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2017    John Bell Award for outstanding contributions to university education at the University of Guelph
2017    YMCA-YWCA Woman of Distinction Honouree; Recognition for professional achievement and mentoring women in STEM fields
2013    Accreditation as Professional Statistician by the Statistical Society of Canada
2010    MITACS Award for Excellence in Mentorship
2007    Presidential Distinguished Professor Award (for research, teaching and service)
2004    University of Guelph Faculty Association Distinguished Professor Award for the College of Physical and Engineering Science
2001    Central Student Association Teaching Excellence Award