Jeremy Balka

Associate Professor, Statistics
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 x54481
MacNaughton 550

I am a teaching focussed faculty member, and much of my time is spent teaching statistics courses and  developing resources to help students learn statistics.  I have created over 100 YouTube videos on topics in statistics, and they have proven to be very popular with my students and others around the world.  I'm a strong believer in providing learning resources for free where possible, and I'm very pleased that I'm able to contribute to the growing body of free high-quality resources that are available online.

In traditional research, I work in the area of cure rate modelling in survival analysis.  This involves modelling time-to-event data when a proportion of the population will never experience the event.  I find the problems that are encountered interesting, and there are a wide variety of application areas, from medicine to engineering and manufacturing.

I also have an interest in financial statistics and portfolio management.  I work with models to properly incorporate uncertainty when seeking an appropriate growth/risk balance.  

  • Survival analysis
  • Cure rate models
  • Statistics education
  • Statistics in finance
  • Statistics in sports
  • Applications of the Aligned Rank Transform
    Aronica Yang, Master of Science (ongoing).
  • Modelling Major League Baseball salaries with Regressions Analysis
    Nicholas Interisano, STAT*4600 Project (2017).
  • Incorporating Uncertainty in Kelly Criterion Investment Strategies
    Michelle Song, Master of Science (2017).
  • The Role of Parametric Model Selection on Cure Rate Estimation
    Jessica Weiss, STAT*4600 Project (2015).