Combinatorics and Graph Theory (MATH*4310)

Code and section: MATH*4310*01

Term: Winter


MATH*4310  Combinatorics and Graph Theory  Winter Only  (LEC: 3)  [0.50]  

This course is an introduction to combinatorics with a focus that includes graph theory. Specific topics covered are enumerative combinatorics up to inclusion-exclusion, the theory of simple graphs, Latin squares and orthogonal Latin squares, and introductory coding theory. Instructors may continue to one or more of the Polya theory of counting, graph coloring and embedding, combinatorial design theory, Ramsey theory, or advanced topics in enumerative combinatorics.

Offering(s): Offered in odd-numbered years.  
Prerequisite(s): 10.00 credits including MATH*2000  
Department(s): Department of Mathematics and Statistics  
Location(s): Guelph  


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