BIOM&S Seminar: Examples of Biological Control Exerted by Insects and Fungi

Date and Time


Summerlee Science Complex Room 1504



Ezio Venturino, Dipartimento di Matematica “Giuseppe Peano”, Universit`a di Torino, via Carlo Alberto 10, 10123 Torino, Italia,




In this presentation we will review some recent models for the use of beneficial natural entities to fight pests in agriculture and purify plants effluents.

We would focus on the use of spiders especially in the Langa Astigiana, the main Piedmontese wine-producing area.

Then we turn to endophytes, describing a model for pathogenic fungi affecting olive trees (Olea Europaea L.) and beneficial phyllosphere microorganisms.

Beneficial endophytic fungi can be used to fight the “olive knot” disease caused by Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi (Psv).

Finally, we consider fungi for the decolorization of wastewaters. This model has been validated through dedicated laboratory experiments in a small tank. The extension of the analysis to a continuously operated industrial reactor will be outlined.

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