QUIGS Seminar: The implementation of codes for the simultaneous transmission of classical and quantum information on a nuclear magnetic resonance quantum information processor

Date and Time


Summerlee Science Complex 1504


SPEAKER:  Shayan-Shawn Majidy


The development of quantum error correcting techniques is of paramount importance to the ultimate goal of implementing practical quantum computers. It has been shown that there is an advantage to transmitting both quantum and classical information simultaneously, compared to independent transmissions. The characterization and construction of codes has been developed from a  coding theory and operator algebra quantum error correction perspective separately. In this work we unify these two perspectives. As a result we generalized the quantum hamming bound to the hybrid case. To date no such hybrid codes have been physically implemented. We propose the set up for implementing such codes in an Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) quantum information processors (QIP). We used Matlab to simulate the pulse sequence which would be used in an NMR QIP to carry out the encoding of the hybrid circuit.


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