Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Students typically choose to study for the Mathematical Science Major within the Bachelor of Arts degree if they are interested in continuing their studies in subjects such as Economics, Computer Science, or any other field in the Arts or Social Sciences.

The flexible first-year program allows you to take first-year courses in a variety of fields as you try to hone in on your interest and will prepare you for any number of potential Areas of Emphasis in future years.

This major is also available within the Bachelor of Science degree program.


Visit the Admissions page to learn about the entry requirements, including details for students from other provinces and countries and how to apply on OUAC..

Ontario High School Students

  • ENG4U
  • 5 additional 4U or 4M courses

*MHF4U and MCV4U strongly recommended.

Estimated Cut-Off Range: 76-80%

First Year Program

Students follow a general first year program.

  • Semester 1: Calculus, Linear Algebra and 3 courses from the College of Arts or the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences.
  • Semester 2: Calculus, Statistics, Elementary Symbolic Logic, and 2 electives.

Beyond First Year

After your first year, you will have two ways to customize your degree.

  1. Choose either a Mathematics Stream or a Statistics Stream. This decision does not have to be made until you have had a chance to take courses in both fields.
  2. Choose an Area of Emphasis. This is your opportunity to continue studies in another subject and to see how mathematics and statistics are applied to real-world problems. There are a number of Areas of Emphasis, or you can customize your own!

For more information, you can read the Program Details for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a Mathematical Science Major, or view the lists of Mathematics courses and Statistics courses offered by the department.