Winter 2017

Supermath Day was offered on Wednesday February 22, 2017.

Activity Details

Mathematics Activity

"Fractals: the world between dimensions" , presented by Andrew Skelton.

The concept of dimension is something we think we understand until we try to describe it! There is more going on than our familiar three-dimensional world. In this activity, we will look at fractals, shapes that exist between dimensions. We will first create, explore and analyze some famous fractals. We will then each have the chance to create a unique fractal shape that nobody has ever before explored. 

This activity will reinforce mathematical concepts such as infinite series, logarithms and trigonometry, and introduce new concepts such as complex numbers and real-world applications of fractals.

Statistics Activity

“Data, hypotheses, and evidence (oh my!)” , presented by Lorna Deeth.

What is data, and how is it used? What kind of questions can we ask, and answer, with the data we collect? Together, we will look at the types of questions that we can ask about our population, and how we can go about answering them. We will also discuss how to interpret various aspects of our data, and factors that may influence these interpretations.