Fall 2016

Supermath Day was offered on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

Activity Details

Mathematics Activity

"Calculus: Taking Approximations to the Limit" presented by Professor Kim Herder.

There is a word that floats through the halls of any high school. It is a word that so many students seem to dread. Why does the word "CALCULUS" strike fear into so many hearts? In this session, we will shed some light on this misunderstood subject, and help you to realize that you already have the understanding of so many of the basics. How do we approximate slopes? How do we approximate areas? How do we approximate the lengths of lines? Where do these topics all lead to in senior-level mathematics? We hope to convince you that the idea of "CALCULUS" is actually something to get really excited about!

Statistics Activity

"Probability and Statistics: Understanding Uncertainty" presented by Professor Jeremy Balka.

Statistical literacy is becoming more and more important in modern society. In this session we will discuss some fundamental statistical concepts using a variety of examples, including political polls, sports strategies, and scientific research.