MDM4U OpenData Projects


It can be difficult to find modern, relevant and interesting data sets for use in the MDM4U classroom that are challenging enough to encourage independent and open-ended thought, while being structured and simple enough to not be overwhelming. Many municipalities are moving towards an OpenData concept in which all data collected is published in original, raw form online, but this data is typically not refined enough to be effective for use in the classroom.

This new initiative is an opportunity to introduce students to real-world data analysis by providing local and relevant data, and inviting them to present evidence-based solutions to current local issues.

Goals of Project

The goals of this initiative, funded by a Learning Enhancement Fund (LEF) grant, are to

  • provide semi-refined data for MDM4U teachers to use to encourage independent data exploration and analysis,
  • pose real-world problems and encourage students to seek data-driven solutions,
  • offer undergraduate statistics students the opportunity to engage in statistical consulting,
  • encourage students to see the value in mathematical and statistical education.

Get Involved

We are currently working on putting together resources for Fall 2017. More information to appear at the end of August.

Subject to availability and logistics, we would like to offer project consultation for your students, an opportunity to present significant results and school awards for particularly impressive solutions.

If you would like to learn more, or to participate, please contact Andrew Skelton.