Faculty Research (Statistics)

Statistics Research

Ayesha Ali

  • Graphical Markov models; Pollination networks; Multivariate statistics; Causal inference; Survival analysis; Bioinformatics; High performance computing; Artificial intelligence; Ecological Modelling, Machine Learning

Jeremy Balka

  • Survival analysis; Cure rate models; Statistics education; Statistics in finance; Statistics in sports

Ed Carter

  • Multivariate analysis; Robust Mixture Models; Bioassay; Application of new statistical techniques to multivariate data

Gerarda Darlington

  • Statistical methods for correlated observations; Methods for epidemiologic and genetic epidemiologic studies; Design and analysis of cluster randomized trials

Lorna Deeth

  • Infectious disease modelling; Veterinary epidemiology; Spatial and spatiotemporal disease analysis; Environmental statistical analysis

Tony Desmond

  • Survival analysis; Reliability modelling; Statistics in finance; Statistical learning (Big Data); Stochastic processes; History of statistics

Zeny Feng

  • Statistical genetics; Statistical bioinformatics; Sequencing data analysis; Big data analysis; Infectious disease modelling; Longitudinal data analysis

Julie Horrocks

  • Longitudinal and Survival data, with missing values and zero-inflation; Spatial models for epidemiology and animal abundance

Peter Kim

  • Bioinformatics; Biostatistics; Clinical trials; Machine learning; Microbiology

Gary Umphrey

  • Biostatistics; Evolutionary biology; Biodiversity conservation; Systematics; Myrmecology