Faculty Research (Mathematics)

Mathematics Research

Dan Ashlock

  • Evolutionary computation; Exploratory bioinformatics data analysis; Bioinformatics tool development; Game theory; Health policy analysis; Stochastic processes in biology; Automatic content generation for games

Monica Cojocaru

  • Dynamical systems; Game theory and Applications; Emergent dynamics in models of populations; Network and equilibrium problems; Diverse topics with applications to Engineering, Management Science, Population Behavior and Health Policy.

Matt Demers

  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; Mathematical Imaging; Iterated Function Systems and Fractals; Evolutionary Algorithms; Differential Equations

Hermann Eberl

  • Mathematical Biology; Engineering Mathematics; Applied Differential Equations; Scientific Computing; Interdisciplinary application areas include: Microbiology and biofilms, Apiculture and honeybees, Agriculture and Food, Environmental, Chemical, Bioprocess Engineering

Marcus Garvie

  • Mathematical and numerical analysis; Mathematical biology/ecology; Optimal control theory; Turing theory

Steve Gismondi

  • Mathematical Modelling; Linear Programming; Graph Theory; Computational Complexity

David Kribs

  • Quantum information; Quantum computing; Quantum cryptography; Quantum error correction; Operator theory; Operator algebras; Matrix theory; Mathematical physics

Herb Kunze

  • Applied analysis; Fractal-based methods in analysis; Inverse problems; Mathematical imaging

William Langford

  • Dynamical systems; Bifurcation theory; Symmetry; Mathematical modeling of physical and biological systems; Climate change. 

Anna Lawniczak

  • Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, & Analysis of Dynamics of Complex Natural, Engineering & Social Systems; Individually Based Simulation Models; Multi-agent Based Simulations; Statistical Analysis of Simulation Data; Computational Intelligence; Cognitive Agents; Cellular Automata & Lattice Gas Cellular Automata

Kim Levere

  • Inverse Problems; Dynamical Systems and Modelling; Fractal-based Methods in Analysis; Fractional Calculus; Numerical Methods; Optimization; Mathematical Preparedness for University; Numeracy Initiatives; Delivery of Entry-level Mathematics; Accessibility in Learning

Mihai Nica

  • Scaling limits of deep neural networks; Numerical methods utilising neural networks; Phase transitions in high-dimensional learning problems; The KPZ universality class

Rajesh Pereira

  • Matrix Analysis; Classical Analysis; Analytic Theory of Polynomials; Quantum Information

William R Smith

  • Mathematical Modeling and Optimization, Molecular Modeling and Simulation with Applications to Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Allan Willms

  • Climate change modelling; Mathematical biology; Bifurcation with symmetry; Parameter estimation; Neuronal ion channel modelling; Dynamical systems.

Bei Zeng

  • Mathematical Physics; Theory of Quantum Entanglement; Quantum Information Theory; Coding Theory; Quantum Computation; Quantum Cryptography; Foundations of Quantum Mechanics